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NECA values tremendously the long record of labor relations practiced by the national association, its chapters, and its members. NECA's basic policy is that every effort should be made by all parties concerned-the national association, its chapters, its members, supervisory personnel, the IBEW, and local unions-to improve labor management relations. The goal is to provide the maximum possible productivity per man-hour of labor to meet competition and to promote consumer use of the trained and skilled electrical craftsmen employed by qualified electrical contractors.

The industry and the public have earned immeasurable savings by NECA's efforts to promote and maintain full and uninterrupted productivity while striving for economically realistic terms of employment. The Council on Industrial Relations is a forum, mutually endorsed by NECA and the IBEW, which meets quarterly for the timely and peaceful resolution of the labor-management disputes which cannot be resolved at the local level. Parties may jointly or unilaterally submit disputes to the CIR and the resulting unanimous decision becomes binding on the parties involved. For more information about Labor Relations contact the Chapter office.


For more detailed information, please contact Bruce Creen or Giuseppe Muzzupappa at the Chapter office.

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